hayes modular Kennels

deigned for anything the irish weather throws at them

Kingspan Kennel Sloped roof

Our range of Kingspan insulated dog kennels are one of Ireland’s best selling kennels. They are made using heavy-duty p.v.c coated steel sheeting and have Kingspan insulation, (enclosures stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter) There is two styles available- Sloped roof with no door, and an apex roof with the door, available in 4 sizes, small, small tall, medium and large

Kinspan Kennel apex roof with door

Thermal Deluxe Kennel System


• 20mm insulated PVC panel
• Wipe clean surface
• All PVC trumped in Aluminium
• Sleeping area has drop in anti slip resin floor
• Stainless steel pad bolt and hinges

Our biggest selling exclusive range available in a number of sizes and configurations

An outstanding kennel product which will look good in any home

Our Thermal Deluxe range are made of only premium materials and are built to last.

Slaneyside Thermal Deluxe are used in some of Irelands best boarding kennels and by professional breeders.

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We know how good they are because we make them ourselves!

Quality Guaranteed

• Sliding hatch for void
• Gutters and down pipe
• Larger run area
• Split level floor with kick-board

Thermal deluxe with wrap around run area

Same amazing features as above but with a larger wrap around run area and a partial outdoor roof

timber infill


• 6ft height at lowest point
• All pressure treated timber
• All timber in galvanised channel to prevent chewing
• Block formation option


Full height walk in kennels, no more bending down

Galvanised steel frame with pressure treated timber infill made to last with minimal upkeep

Ideal for someone who wants a full size kennel on a tighter budget without sacrificing on quality

More rustic looking range and ideal for certain settings

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All our panels are made from 25mm x 25mm hot dipped galvanised inside & out steel box section and are supplied with fixings. All the panels are predrilled with a four way bolt hole for easy assembly and versatility.

The door panels have a latch that can be secured with a padlock for extra securit.

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